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Welcome to Claws and Paws Products and Services. We are proud to serve Coral Springs, FL and the surrounding areas.

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We offer pet sitting, dog walking and private training to our pet parents.

Congratulations to all new Pet Parents and any new additions to the household!! Who we are is a family owned and operated pet service business that believe animals are just as important to our family and need love, compassion and most of all training for a pet parent to have a stress free environment.

What we are providing for our pet parents is support, safety, and teaching; as we connect with our new addition to our family. We understand how hard it can be to come home to chewed up rugs, or a home that the animal decided to leave deposits for us to clean up. Our business is to help the pets and pet parents stay consistent, understand the behavior of "The Why's" and help lead the way to a productive outcome. Our business to all pet parents is to provide a peace of mind!

We are bonded and insured petsitters in Coral Springs, Florida and the surrounding areas.

We care for animals as if they were our own children and this is what our company is about. We are here to help and provide all pet parents with peace of mind and a worry free life style when it comes to their loved pets.

We understand how difficult it is to juggle work, family, vacations and unexpected trips out of town, and leave our pets behind. I have had these worries myself with my animals and it is very difficult to enjoy or focus on where or what we have to do in our daily routine. I have and always had dogs and cats as pets, and they mean the world to me.

My mission is to help other pet parents have some freedom and peace of mind, and the pets stay healthy, youthful and happy.

Debra Young,

Phone: (954) 804-6321

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